How to clear Instagram search history on Android

Follow the guide to easily clear search history of Instagram on Android: The technology has changed the whole world into a digital hub today. Things are not like the old days, and each day things evolve into a much better thing. From contacting to doing stuff, everything has evolved into an easier form today. And the one major change that affected the majority of world population is the way they network with each other. It is nothing but the popularity of internet and smartphone, which had made this change. From a time when passing a message took days, to just seconds now. The change is remarkable and the one thing which made this possible is technology itself.

When it comes to networking between people we cant forget names like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. the extent of influence this has made n the living style of people is really high. Started with Facebook many social networking sites came in and most of them became a common app on everyone’s smartphone. And the one most popular app today is without a doubt Instagram.

Instagram is something that changed the way social networking work. Designed and released as a platform to share pictures, now Instagram has become something big. This social networking app has already become so popular, and reports suggest that the user base is growing faster than that of Facebook. This is the main reason why Facebook bought this app for a higher price. This article here will teach you how to delete or Clear Search History Of Instagram On Android smartphone.

Steps to Clear Search History Of Instagram on Android

Search history can be something that simplifies the daily life of you on your Instagram page. Nobody wants to type in a whole keyword everytime you search for it. But in some circumstances, you might not need the Instagram to show what you have searched in the past. The reason for this can be many like not wanted to look like a stalker when somebody else uses your phone. You can at any time clear the history from your device, the steps to do this are:

Step 1. Open the Instagram app

Step 2. Tap on the Profile icon, which will be on the bottom right corner to go into your account

clear search history of Instagram on Android

Step 3. Tap on the menu icon, which will be three dots on the top right corner

Screenshot 2017 12 26 16 51 11 988 com.instagram.androidStep 4. Scroll down to find “Clear Search History” and tap on it

Screenshot 2017 12 26 16 51 33 367 com.instagram.androidStep 5. When prompted tap on “Yes I’m Sure”

Screenshot 2017 12 26 16 51 38 279

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