Instagram is testing Regram feature to instantly share photos and videos with ease

Instagram is now testing Regram feature and may release this very soon: Instagram has been adding new features to its application ever since it was bought by Facebook in the past years. Now, we have seen many features like Instagram Stories and Direct Messages that have been added to the popular application since now. Now, we have been hearing some new features that will be added to the application in the near future.

Talking about the latest features on Instagram, we would like to mention that all of these features may or may not make it to the application. However, these features are being tested internally and there is a major possibility that all of these features will be added in the near future via updates.

Talking about the features, the main feature that is going to be added to the application is a Regram button added below the like and comment option so that the users can easily share the images and videos directly just like sharing on Facebook and retweeting on Twitter. The other big feature is the ability to add GIF in stories which means that now you will be able to add GIFs to the Instagram Stories apart from images and stickers which you are already able to share now.

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Instagram To Release Regram feature Very Soon

Regram feature on Instagram

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there is also an Archive for Stories feature that is also being tested by Instagram which adds the ability to its users to archive posts so that we can see the archive tab to see the posts that we have archived earlier. Now, there is also an Add to Closest friend list feature that will be added which will add the ability to add users to Closest friend list who can be sent DMs very easily. Apart from these, there will now be WhatsApp share button available for iOS users and a bunch of new features are also making its way to Instagram very soon so stay tuned for further updates.


Abhishek Jariwala
Abhishek Jariwala
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