How to Defeat Krubis in High on Life

High on Life is an incredibly popular game but some players have been having trouble defeating Krubis in the game. In High on Life, the players will be able to jump into the mind of Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty as you’re enjoying the world of High on Life. Krubis is the second crime lord boss in the game even though the players can choose to fight Douglas first if they choose. Players have to go through challenging, puzzle-focused opponents before reaching Krubis, who has a wide range of tricks and attack strategies in its arsenal. In this guide, you will get to know about Krubis and how to defeat Krubis in High on Life.

Where to find Krubis?

Krubis is one of the bounty bosses in the game. You can find Krubis through the Bounty 5000 at your house. You have to return to the Zephyr Paradise to the portal that opens up on the right side of the bounty machine. You can teleport yourself to the Zephyr Paradise. After that, you should follow the story, kill the enemies on the way, and the “Moplets” will direct you to the G3 Chief of Furgle (better known as Krubis).

How to defeat Krubis in High on Life?

Krubis in High on Life can be recognized by the drillers in his hands and on top of his head. His main gun shoots pellets similarly to a real-life shotgun. It can be deadly at close range, so you should ensure that you’re at a distance from Krubis throughout the fight.

How to Defeat Krubis in High on Life

You will need to fight Krubis in a spacious arena with many options to cover. You should ensure that you’re dodging to the side and using hook bees above your head for creating distance between yourself and Krubis in the fight.

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For defeating Krubis in the game, you will need to use your Glob Shot, which freezes him. After that, you can approach him for a quick stab by pressing the F button. Once you’ve depleted 50% of his health bar, he’ll begin shooting a series of lasers. You will need to run in circles if you want to avoid these attacks. Next up, you should burrow underground, for which you should use your Trick Hole alternate fire for bringing him back up. He will summon his minions and by killing them, you will get shields, which can be beneficial when fighting Krubis.

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