Download and Use Google Pixel’s Live Bloom Wallpapers in High Resolution

Google is one of the best smartphone OEMs that constantly updates its Pixel lineup with the latest features and wallpaper collections. The latest Pixel Feature Drop update has become available for Pixel devices and it comes with several exciting features and new wallpapers. The latest wallpapers come under the Live Bloom section.

Live Bloom Wallpapers for Pixel users

The latest Wallpapers have become available in the newest version of the Pixel Wallpapers app that is available for Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro on Google Play Store. The new wallpapers are exclusive to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 Series. The new collection has four wallpapers and they are from Andrew Zukerman.

The wallpapers are named as follows – Flamingo Flower, Boat Orchid, Persian Buttercup, and Maki Dahlia. They are dynamic wallpapers that can change colors throughout the day. Each wallpaper will create 12 dynamic shades, so you can state that they are like live wallpapers.

Download Google Pixel’s Live Bloom Wallpaper in High Resolution

Download and Use Google Pixel's Live Bloom Wallpapers in High Resolution

As they are exclusively available for the Pixel 6 Series and Pixel 7 Series, other Pixel users will want to try them out as well. For Dynamic collection, you will have to use a modded app. In total, there are 8 wallpapers, which you can try on your smartphone. All the wallpapers in the collection are available in high-quality 1080x2340p resolution. If you are interested in checking out the new collection of wallpapers, you can download them from the link mentioned below.

Once you’ve downloaded the wallpapers, head over to the download folder and look for your favorite wallpaper that you wish to set on your device’s home screen or lock screen. After that, open it and tap on the three-dots menu to set the wallpaper.


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