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How To Enable Dual Apps On MIUI 8/MIUI 9

Here we will go through a simple guide to Enable Dual Apps On MIUI 8/MIUI 9.This is a feature exclusive to Xiaomi Phones and any one using MIUI 8 or above can use Dual Apps On MIUI 8/MIUI 9.This is a great addon for Xioami phones.Checkout the given steps to “Activate Dual Apps On MIUI 8/MIUI 9″.

Are you a great fan of Online games like the Trending Clash of Clans and still not Satisfied with a Single account? or One of those Crazy Freaks out there who wants to run multiple Whatsapp account on a Single Device?While many of the over smart kids out there have already tried some the apps like Parallel Space to Clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously.But there always something for someone and this is the time For MIUI Running users.

The Dual Apps functionality was introduced in MIUI with the launch of MIUI 8. Therefore it is available on any device (Redmi Note 3, Mi5, Mi Pad 2, Mi Note 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi Note 4, etc.) running MIUI 8 or higher.

How To Enable Dual Apps On MIUI 8/MIUI 9

Enable Dual Apps On MIUI 8/MIUI 9

Like any other Built-in functionality, This function also doesn’t require any Additional App.

1. To access MIUI’s dual app functionality, go to Settings and scroll down to the DEVICE section.

2. depending on the version of MIUI you’ll either find Cloned apps or Dual apps.

3. Tap on it and you’ll be able to see a list of apps that are installed on your phone. Some apps such as WhatsApp are already listed at the top under the Recommended section.

4. Find the app you want to clone and turn on the toggle next to it.

5. That’s pretty much it. The app will be cloned and you’ll be able to see it among other apps.

6. Launch the app and sign in with your login credentials, if the app requires that.

[icon name=”laptop” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] NOTE: You can create as many as per your requirement but keep in mind these cloned apps will also be taking up the same amount of RAM and Memory as the original if not more. If at any point in time you feel like removing the clone app, it is quite easy too. You can uninstall it like any other regular app and it will be removed from your device along with all its data.


Alternatively, you can also do this by going back to the Dual apps/Cloned apps settings and turning the toggle for the app off.

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