How to Enable Themed Icons on Google Pixel Phones

Customizing the look and feel of your Google Pixel phone is simple and fun with the usage of themed icons. These icons allow you to personalize the appearance of your home display screen to match your wallpapers on your mood. They don’t require any technical knowledge to use it, which can largely be attributed to the user-friendly interface developed in Android 12. The operating system intelligently creates icons based on the color mood extracted from your chosen wallpaper image in, for a unified aesthetic. This personal flexibility helps you find a phone environment that suits your preferences and mood at any given time.

Material You is a design approach that’s all about you. It uses your preferences and surroundings to create themes that are both beautiful and in harmony. You have a bunch of choices for colors and shapes for your icons, and you can change them whenever you like.

Themed icons are compatible with most apps on your Google Pixel, including Google’s own apps and ones from other companies. They help make your home screen look more neat and appealing. These icons are just one of the cool features Android 12 offers to make your experience better.

Themed icons change the look of your home screen and make it more organized. Here’s a simple guide on how to turn on themed icons on your Google Pixel phone:

How to use Themed Icons on Google Pixel Phones

How to Enable Themed Icons on Google Pixel Phones

First, press and hold an empty spot on your home screen. This will show a menu that’s easy to use.

  • Start Personalizing: Press and hold on a blank spot on your home screen. You’ll see a menu pop up.

Themed Icon settings 1

  • Choose Wallpaper & Style: Look for this option and tap it.

Themed Icon Settings 2

  • Find Themed Icons: Go to the ‘Home screen’ tab, then scroll to the bottom. Here, you’ll find the ‘Themed icons’ switch. Tap it to turn it on.

Themed Icon Settings 3

  • Enjoy the New Look: Go back to your home screen. Now, your icons will match your wallpaper. This makes everything look neat and coordinated.

Themed Icon Settings 4

You have lots of choices even if you don’t want to switch your wallpaper. Just head to your phone’s ‘Wallpaper & style’ settings. There, you’ll see a bunch of color options. Pick from nine wallpaper colors and fourteen additional shades. This way, you can make your home screen really reflect your personal style.

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