How to fix Character Deleted or Not Showing Up error on Diablo IV

The Open Beta Access for Diablo IV was recently released and fans of the franchise have officially been able to experience the early access phase. While the early access beta is full of exciting content, there are still a few bugs and performance issues with the game. The players have been reporting sudden system crashes, server disconnections, and long queue times as common problems.

The developers are hard at work to iron out the kinks, but in the meantime, another common issue with the game is the Character Deleted or Not Showing Up error. If you’re getting this issue, then this guide is perfect for you.

Fear not, dear adventurers, for we have concocted a comprehensive guide to remedy this vexing issue. By following the steps outlined below, you shall soon reunite with your beloved characters and resume your righteous crusade against the forces of darkness. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Character Deleted or Not Showing Up error on Diablo IV.

✅Key Takeaway

The Character Deleted or Not Showing Up error is a common issue that players may face during the open beta phase of Diablo IV. To resolve this issue, players can take the following steps:

  • Check the game’s server status
  • Re-login to
  • Repair missing or corrupted game files
  • Clear the game cache
  • Reach out to Blizzard Support for further assistance

How to fix Character Deleted or Not Showing Up error on Diablo IV

How to fix Character Deleted or Not Showing Up error on Diablo IV

Method 1: Check the game’s server status

One of the primary reasons why your characters are deleted or not showing up is server issues. If the game’s servers are experiencing excessive traffic, then it may result in multiple issues. If that happens, then you’ll need to check the current server status. If the servers are down, the characters will return once the servers are back online.

Method 2: Relog into

If this doesn’t work out for you, you should try logging back into your and then check if this works. If not, then you should wait for a while and then try again.

Method 3: Repair the game files

The next method would be to repair the missing or corrupted game files. For doing that, you’ll need to run the Blizzard app -> Diablo IV -> Options -> Scan and Repair. Once the scanning is complete, you should relaunch the game and your character is automatically returned to the list.

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Method 4: Clear Cache

Clearing your game cache can help eliminate any lingering issues causing your characters to disappear. This too will differ based on your gaming platform, so we recommend seeking out detailed instructions tailored to your specific system.

Method 5: Reach out to Blizzard Support

If everything else fails, you should try to reach out to the Blizzard support team and they’ll help you by providing further troubleshooting steps for fixing this issue.

With these steps at your disposal, you should be well-equipped to vanquish the Character Deleted or Not Showing Up error that has plagued many a Diablo IV adventurer. May fortune smile upon you as you delve into the depths of Sanctuary and confront the sinister forces that await you.

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