How to fix FPS Drop, Stutter, and Crash issues on Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an exciting action role-playing game based on the Harry Potter novel that has been generating a lot of buzz. Unfortunately, players have reported performance issues such as FPS Drop, Stutter and Crash upon launch.

If you’re looking for solutions to these problems then this guide will provide helpful tips and tricks in order to fix them. With our help, you can get back into the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy without any further disruptions or hiccups!

How to fix FPS Drop, Stutter, and Crash issues on Hogwarts Legacy

Method 1: Tweak Graphics settings

First, you should try these graphics tweaks and check if they are spelling out success for you. Most of these tweaks can be easily carried out from the Settings/System/Display/ settings menu.

  • Start by turning on Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling
  • Now, you should turn off Ray Tracing
  • After that, set Shadows to Medium and set the Texture to Low
  • Now, turn off the in-game VSync before enabling it from NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Further, you should also turn NIDIA Low Latency Mode to “On + Boost”

Method 2: Update DLSS

fix FPS Drop, Stutter, and Crash issues on Hogwarts Legacy

  • First, you should download the DLSS Swapper from GitHub
  • Launch it and then grab hold of the newest DLSS package
  • Now, head over to Games, choose Hogwarts Legacy, and then click on it
  • Choose the newest DLSS package
  • Check if this has fixed the FPS Drop, Stutter, and Crash in Hogwarts Legacy

Method 3: Tweak the engine.ini file

  • Launch File Explorer and go to the following folder –

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

  • Now, use Notepad for opening the file “Engine.ini”
  • Now just  add the following commands at the bottom of the file –




  • You need to save and close the file
  • Now, open the game
  • You need to tweak the Pool Size as per your graphics card
  • If you have a GTX 3080, then it will theoretically have a maximum pool size approaching 10000 (since it has 10GB in RAM)
  • Try to set this value to half of the video card RAM
  • Here are some confirmed video card fixes values –

RTX 3090 – set pool size to 9000

RTX 3080 – set pool size to 3096

RTX 3060 – set pool size to 40

Finally , if none of these methods work then reinstalling both Windows OS alongwith updating/installing latest version from Steam should do wonders as far as fixing fps drop stuttering & crash issue goes while playing Hogwarts legacy . Hopefully this guide helps anyone experiencing similar technical difficulties get back into enjoying one’s favourite magical world !

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