How to fix my Spotify keep stopping at 10 seconds

Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming platforms out there and despite its long list of exceptional features, the platform isn’t without its bugs and issues. Recently, many Spotify users have been facing the problem where Spotify keeps stopping at 10 seconds mark. This issue has been reported in Spotify on both desktop and mobile versions. If you’re facing this issue too, then this guide is just what you need. In this guide, you will get to know why does my Spotify keep stopping at 10 seconds and how to fix it.

How to fix Spotify Keeps Stopping at 10 Seconds

Method 1: Update the Spotify app

  • On Mobile, you should head over to the app store and check if a new update is available
  • On Desktop, if there is a new version of the Spotify for the desktop app available, you should click the Chevron down icon and see the Update Spotify Now button
  • Update the app and restart it to see if the issue is resolved

Method 2: Clear app data

  • On Mobile, you should head over to Settings -> Storage -> Delete Cache
  • On Desktop, use the Chevron down icon -> Storage -> Remove all downloads or Clear Cache

Method 3: Log out and log back in

  • On Mobile, you should head over to Your Library -> Settings icon -> Log Out
  • On Desktop, there are two methods for logging into the Spotify app –

Go to “More” -> File -> Log Out or log out via the Chevron down icon. If you’ve connected the account to multiple devices, click on the Sign Out Everywhere option on the Account Overview page

Method 4: Uninstall the app and delete the data

On Android smartphones, head over to Settings -> Storage -> Spotify -> Clear Data to ensure that the Data section shows “0” before returning to Settings -> Storage -> Android -> Data -> for deleting the related folder

fix my Spotify keep stopping at 10 seconds

On Desktop, go to More or Chevron down icon for getting to Edit -> Preferences or Settings -> Storage -> Offline storage location. Use the Windows Manager (for Windows) or Finder (for Mac) and go to that location for deleting the related files. On the device you’re using, perform a CUSTOM uninstall of the app.

Aside from the storage location, there are other files or folders to be deleted after a CUSTOM uninstall of the desktop app.

On Windows devices, go to the Start menu -> %AppData% -> App/Data/Roaming -> AppDataLocal or C:Users*USERNAME*AppDataLocal before deleting the related folders.

On Mac devices, go to Finder -> Go -> Library -> Caches -> com.spotify.client -> com.spotify.client.helper before deleting the related folders

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Method 5: Reinstall the app from the Web

For reinstalling the app after a CLEAN uninstall, you should use a browser to Download Spotify for your device from the download page. On your device, log into the Spotify account once more to access the same songs that were stopping after 10 seconds.

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