How to fix Voicemail Merged after iOS 17 Update

Answering calls and voicemail inboxes have been around for several years, with seemingly few changes or obvious updates coming out. Apple’s latest iOS 17 update introduced a lot of changes to the way iPhone users rely on voicemail when looking to avoid answering their ringing handsets. Aside from the addition of Live Voicemail, the update will also feature an update to FaceTime among other additions.

The latest iteration of Apple’s iOS update has brought a lot of noteworthy features to the forefront. However, the update has also paved the way for a few bugs and issues. Many users have been complaining about the Voicemail Merged issue after updating to iOS 17.

If you’re in the same boat and your Voicemail functionality is being affected, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Voicemail Merged after iOS 17 update.

How to fix Voicemail Merged after iOS 17 update?

Voicemail Merged

Users who were using the same Apple ID but different phone numbers on their iPhones have voiced their concern that the voicemails from both numbers seem to be merging after the latest update. As a result, when someone leaves a voicemail on one of their phones, it shows up on the other one and vice versa. Likewise, if you delete the voicemail from one iPhone, it will get deleted from the other one too. If you’re in the same boat and facing voicemail merged issue, then you’ll be glad to know there is a workaround.

Apple doesn’t recommend users to share Apple IDs in the first place. Instead of using this practice, you’ll need to create two different Apple IDs and link them using Family Sharing. The latter can be done by going to Settings -> Name -> Family Sharing -> Set Up Your Family. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your family and invite others.

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