How to Mute Guns in High on Life?

High On Life is one of the most hilarious and original action-adventure games of recent years and it has quickly become a fan favorite. One of the fun parts of the game is the talking weapons. However, some gamers do not like talking weapons and find them slightly annoying as they’re trying to learn more about the lore and settings of the game. In this guide, you will get to know the right way to mute guns in High on Life.

Talking weapons in High on Life

High on Life has finally hit Xbox Game Pass and it takes the players on a journey across the galaxy for saving humanity. The players have to take on the role of a suburban kid turned bounty hunter and are tasked with rescuing living weapons to battle the aliens that are hell-bent on turning humans into drugs. Each weapon comes with its unique personality and is fully voiced as it offers helpful combat advice and an endless stream of jokes, comments, and wisecracks. For players who want to go through High on Life without listening to the constant remarks and commentary, simple settings tweak can easily set things right.

How to mute guns in High on Life

Under the settings menu in High on Life, the players can navigate to the audio settings and tweak the Gun Chatter setting. For players who are looking to experience this comic sci-fi adventure story without a lot of input from their ever-present companions, which is ideal. By default, Gun Chatter will be set to the Frequent setting, which means that the players’ guns talk almost constantly. The players will be able to adjust Gun Chatter to Occasional, which allows their talking pistol Kenny and fellow weapons to offer occasional comments without interrupting the experience.

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This could be the sweet spot for most players as a lot of the game’s Rick and Morty-style comedy comes from Kenny and the other guns. However, the players who have grown tired of listening to their companions as they blast their way through enemy aliens can set Gun Chatter to None. This could make progressing through the game’s wild adventure trickier as the guns will be able to point out secret routes and assist players in combat but it’ll be worth it for anyone who finds their conversation grating.

How to Mute Guns in High on Life?

Bottom Line

Muting the guns in High on Life is simple through the audio settings menu. Players can reduce gun chatter to Occasional or mute completely by setting Gun Chatter to None. Progression through the game may be trickier with muted guns, but it may be worth it for players who find the constant conversation grating. Leave feedback or questions in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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