How to Remove Date from Home Screen on the Pixel Launcher

The Pixel Launcher is the default launcher on Google Pixel smartphones and it gives the users a simple, clean and easy-to-use interface. One of the primary features of the Pixel launcher is that you can see the date on the home screen. However, some users feel the need to remove the date from the home screen for personal preference or to save screen space. If you’re looking to remove data from the home screen, then this guide is just for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to remove date from home screen on the Pixel Launcher.

Can you remove date from the Pixel Launcher?

Google has coded the At a Glance widget at the top left of the screen and it won’t come with any option to move it to any other location, let alone remove it from the screen. At the most, you can remove the weather information but that’s about it. The section showing day and date will forever be present there.

Generally, it is usually helpful to have this information on the home screen, many users already have the widget clock on the home screen to do this job. This is where there is no point having two sections showing the same information. Moreover, it makes the home screen feel more cluttered.  While the Pixel Launcher doesn’t have an option to remove the date from the home screen permanently, there is a nifty workaround to help you bypass this issue.

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How to remove date from home screen on the Pixel Launcher

How to Remove Date from Home Screen on the Pixel Launcher

The best way of tackling this issue would be by making the second screen the new home screen before transferring app the widgets, app icons, and shortcuts to the new home screen.

While At a Glance widget would still remain on the home screen, it won’t be a point of concern as you won’t be interacting with this screen now. As for how to assign a new home screen, there is nothing specific you can do. You should simply remain on the new screen and after each task, you’ll be taken back to the home screen.

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