How to see Call History in Discord

Discord is a popular VoIP platform that helps millions of users communicate and interact. When using Discord, you’ll be able to communicate through chats on a text channel or DM. Alternatively, you’ll also be able to communicate through audio in the voice channel.

When you get a call on Discord, you’ll see an incoming call and you’ll be able to pick up or reject it. As Discord is end-to-end encrypted, this means the calls do not get recorded.

However, you might be curious about the call history and whether it is possible to see it. In this guide, you will get to know how to see call history in Discord.

How to see Call History in Discord

How to see Call History in Discord

When you’re making calls on Discord, a common concern is whether or not it is possible to see the call log. It might be that you want to check the last time you called someone and what was the duration of the call. In that situation, knowing if you’re able to see the Discord call history will be an added advantage.

You’ll be able to access the call log if you’ve made a Discord call to someone through the DM section. However, it’ll be impossible if you’re trying to check the audio or video calls made in a Discord voice channel.

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How to check call history on Discord Mobile

  • Open the Discord app and access your account
  • Then, tap the Hamburger icon located at the top
  • After that, tap on the message icon for opening the list of friends
  • Then, tap on the Friend for whom you want to check the call history
  • Once the conversation window opens, you’ll need to scroll down and check the call history

How to check call history on Discord Desktop

  • Open your account
  • Now, click on the message icon present on the left sidebar
  • Then, open the Conversation with your friend
  • Lastly, scroll down the chats and locate the call history with that friend
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