How to use the Nearby Share feature in OnePlus devices

OnePlus is a tremendously popular smartphone brand known for its flagship and high-end smartphones. OnePlus has some of the best mid-range smartphones compared to other companies as well. With the upcoming Android 13-based OxygenOS 13, OnePlus is looking to enhance the sharing feature developed by Google for Android devices in 2020 – The Nearby Share. This feature will be compatible with devices running Android 6.0 or higher.

With the Nearby Share feature, sharing large files or any file will be easy for users through the official method. The user won’t need to download any additional things as well as this feature is inbuilt. Nearby Share is a fast, useful, and secure feature for sharing large files without internet connectivity. It comes with an easy interface and won’t occupy space of RAM as the application is inbuilt into the system.

How to enable the Nearby Share feature?

To enable this feature, there are two processes. The first one is through the notification panel while the other one is by going to settings and using the search bar to find “Nearby Share” before turning it on. Once you’ve clicked it, a dialog box will appear on the screen in which Nearby Share will ask you to turn on Bluetooth and visibility for sharing. From there, you should choose hidden, contacts, or everyone. You must click on your preference and it’ll be turned on for sharing.

How to send and accept files?

How to use the Nearby Share feature in OnePlus devices

For sending a file, you should select the files and find the icon and click. Look for the recipient to whom you’re looking to share and click on its name. Once the recipient clicks on accept, sharing will automatically start.

Once you’ve clicked on the receiver’s name, a dialog box will appear on the receiver’s phone for acceptance. Before accepting, you’ll need to check the Pin. If it matches, then you should go for it. The files will be transferred within a matter of seconds.

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