Latest Google Pixel Buds app v1.0.478411359 released

The Google Pixel Buds app has gotten an official update with the build number v1.0.478411359. You will get the most recent update by clicking on this link. On the Google Pixel Buds Pro, the latest update will bring a 5-band EQ capability.

New update brings a five-band custom EQ feature to the Pixel Buds app

Google has started rolling out a new software update for the Pixel Buds and it’ll bring an essential feature that should have been built-in from the start – the 5-band customizable EQ. While Google started off on the wrong foot, it’s a relief that the OEM decided to mend things with the new software update.

The new v1.0.478411359 update is slowly rolling out and it is expected to take almost a week to reach all the devices out there. Once you get it, you should install it and your Pixel Buds will go to version 3.14. For getting the update, ensure that your Pixel Buds app is version 1.0.474476083 or newer.

Latest Google Pixel Buds app v1.0.478411359 released

You’ll get a 5-band custom EQ with the update, along with six presets calibrated by Google’s audio specialists. Once you’ve configured your Pixel Buds settings in the app, they’ll be saved regardless of the device you’re using. The update includes left/right balancing controls and bug fixes.

How to open the Google Pixel Buds app

  • On Google Pixel smartphone, connect your Pixel Buds
  • Head over to the Bluetooth settings
  • Tap the icon next to Pixel Buds
  • If you’re on a non-Pixel smartphone, you should look for the Pixel Buds app icon present on the Home Screen
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