List of Coolpad Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P

List of Coolpad Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P: It has been a month since Google released the Developer Preview version of Android P. It is likely that Google I/O event that will be held in the month of May could be the spot when Android P is officially released for everyone.

There are some exciting new features Android P is coming with starting from notch support to indoor navigation. If you have a Coolpad device and you are yet to get Android Oreo update, you must be worried whether you will get Android P or not when it releases. The following is the tentative list of Coolpad devices getting Android 9.0 P as an OTA update.

New Features In Android P –

Indoor Navigation – The most anticipated feature of Android P is indoor navigation. With the help of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11mc technology, you will be able to navigate through a commercial building like a shopping mall or an office completely. You will be able to find the store you are looking for comfortably without asking anyone. The possibilities are limitless for users as well as the store owners.

Notch Support – The cutout design of smartphones as seen on iPhone X has been replicated by almost all the Android smartphone manufacturers. That is why you will find most of the mid-range and premium smartphones coming out this year are having the same top notch as on iPhone X. Android P has support for this notch design due to which no part of the apps will stay hidden behind the top notch.

No Spying – You are unaware of the fact that some of the trusted apps are using your mic and camera even when the apps are inactive in the background. The reason they are accessing them is that they want to record your conversation and videos and send them to analytics and other organizations as required. Android P brings a total stop to such secret spying activities by not letting any background app have access to your mic or camera.

Apart from these, you will get a screenshot editing tool, multiple camera support for better shots, better image and video compressed format, better messaging and notification replying option, the dark mode for OLED screen and much more.


List of Coolpad Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P –

List of Coolpad Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P

The following is the list of Coolpad devices that can get Android 9.0 P update from Coolpad.

  • Coolpad Coolplay 6
  • Coolpad Note 3S
  • Coolpad Note 5
  • Coolpad Note 5 Lite

This is not the final list and new devices can be added in the due time. Therefore, keep following us on the updated list.


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