List of Roblox Royale High Halo Answers 2022

Winter is finally here and it is time for the Roblox Royale High Halo for this year. The Roblox Royale High Halo is an incredibly interesting game and it is based on different stories and events. In this game, you’ll need to guess the correct answer to the questions written by the creator and the story maker. For every correct answer, you’ll be getting points to help you get ahead in the game. In this guide, you will get to know all the answers to Roblox Royale High Halo in 2022.

The Winter Halo is a highly sought after item in the Roblox Royale High game. Players can obtain this rare item by participating in the halo event and answering questions correctly. In order to help you succeed in this event, we have compiled a list of all the answers to the Roblox Royale High Halo in 2022. By using these answers, you will be able to earn points and get ahead in the game. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to obtain the Winter Halo and show off your skills in the game.

List of Roblox Royale High Halo Answers 2022

One of the most exciting bits of Roblox is the halo event. During this event, you’ll be able to get valuable rewards by answering simple questions. Sometimes, choosing the right answer can be quite challenging. Luckily, here are all the answers to this event and you can use them to get your unique Winter Halo quickly.

List of Roblox Royale High Halo Answers 2022

  • An avalanche is wildly coming toward you = Option C
  • Choose a scented candle = Option B
  • Choose between the three boats in Snowglobe Summit = Option A or B
  • Choose what part of the table to bring the man in white = Option A or B
  • Chooses what to give Captain Whiskers = Option C
  • Choosing a pair of ice skates = Option C
  • Escaping a nightmare snowy situation = Option A
  • Follow the trail with the animal tracks = Option C or D
  • Ordering a beverage from the pale snow fairy = Option B
  • Pick between four activities at Snow Globe summit = Option A
  • Snowy figure grabs you with icy arms and startles you = Option B
  • Tripping over the snow globe and deciding what to do with it = Option A
  • What to do at the Winter Ball = Option B or D

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