List of Ulefone Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 (P)

List of Ulefone Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 (P): Last month, Google released the Developer Preview version of the next Android OS which is Android 9.0 P. Android P is currently in the testing mode where bugs will be fixed and minor impartments will be implemented. But Google is planning to release Android P official for all Android users in their upcoming event called Google I/O 2018. The event is going to be held in May as always and there are reports based on facts that Android P is going to be a major improvement over Android Oreo. There are various new features added which we have listed below, and as always, there are various bug fixes and minor changes. If you are an Ulefone smartphone user, you must be skeptical whether your OEM will provide you an OTA update or not as Ulefone has not provided Oreo update yet for many smartphones.

New Features Android P Comes With –

Notch Support – iPhone X and Essential Phone were to the first ones to set the top notch design. Soon, all the OEM started launching flagship smartphones with the same design. With the top notch design, it is difficult to access apps and watch videos as some parts are getting lost behind the notch. With Android P, the apps’ design can be modified in such a way that no part stays being the notch.

Indoor Navigation – With the help of WIFI IEEE 802.11mc support, Android P will have the never-before indoor navigation option. So far we are using only outdoor navigation with GPS and Google Maps. This is going to open up a new set of possibilities and navigations inside the shopping mall and any large commercial building will be effortless.

No Spying – There are many trusted and malicious apps that record your conversation by accessing the microphone and record videos by accessing your camera secretly even when you are not using the apps and they are just open in the background. This spying will be stopped by Android P as it will not allow background apps to access camera or microphone by any chance.

Screenshot Editing – Currently, Android users need to install a third-party app to edit the screenshots they take. But Android P will come with an inbuilt screenshot editing tool that will let you crop, draw, write text, make a selection, and much more.

Apart from these features, Android P will let you connect 5 Bluetooth devices at once. There will be a multi-camera support which will get you more control over your camera sensors. There will be improvements in direct reply from notification and there is finally going to be a dark mode for OLED screen.

List of Ulefone Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P –

List of Ulefone Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 (P)

The following is the list of Ulefone devices that are likely to get Android 9.0 P update through OTA update from Ulefone.

  • Ulefone Power 3
  • Ulefone Power 3S
  • Ulefone MIX 2
  • Ulefone Power 2
  • Ulefone S8 Pro
  • Ulefone Gemini Pro
  • Ulefone T1

This is not a final list and therefore, you should always follow us for the updated list as new devices might get added in the due time.

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Dibyashree Sharma
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