Download Android P Stock Wallpapers [18 Wallpapers]

[QHD] Download Android P Stock Wallpapers [18 Wallpapers]: It is time to gear up for Android P and Google has already released Android P Developer Preview for developers to try it out and report bugs. It is very much expected as Google released Android Oreo Developer Preview around this same time. There are not many smartphones in the world that are running on Android Oreo because the smartphone manufacturers are still rolling out updates for various models. It is safe to say the other than Pixel, nexus and other flagship smartphones of popular OEMs, most of the smartphones are not having Oreo to date. But you cannot wait for the laggards when the world is progressing at lightning speed. Android P Developer Preview gives us a complete picture of how Android P is going to be and there are various visual changes that are getting tractions. But even before the official release of Android P, its stock wallpapers are up for grabs.

What Is New In Android P?

Top Notch – One of the first things you will hear about Android P is that it supports top notches as in iPhone X. Does this mean that new flagship smartphones will copy the awful notches of iPhone X? Well, it looks like the next Pixel phone might such have such a notch.

New Design – There is a completely new design available the notifications and quick settings. As a matter of fact, the Google Dock bar on the home screen will have round corners instead of the regular rectangular shape.

Settings App – The settings app have always been messy for Android users and Google has finally pulled the trigger to make it clean and colourful. There are many icons used and there is a suggestion space on the top which is quite creative. The power menu introduced in Android Oreo has the option of Screenshot.

Other than these, there are various other changes available which will be revealed by the developers from time to time after complete testing.

Download Android P Stock Wallpapers (Official)

If you want a taste of how Android P will be, you can download the awesome stock wallpapers Android P is sporting. There are 18 wallpapers of full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Since the wallpapers are taken from Google Pixel as the developer preview is exclusively available to Google Pixel users, the aspect ratio of the wallpapers is 16:9. They are bundled together in a ZIP file and the downloadable link is provided below.

  • Download Android P Stock Wallpapers Zip File

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    • Please check our site for approprite download links. Just search the device name. If its not available, check out Xda or any similar sites.


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