Download macOS Big Sur Wallpapers For Android, iPhones and Windows

Apple just revealed the new iteration of Mac OS, macOS Big Sur. According to Apple this the biggest macOS change after the mac OS 10 and we too agree with that. The new OS brings new design overhaul with loads of extra features and improvements.

But here we are not going to talk about all features and other stuff. Just like any other new OS update, the macOS Big Sur comes with some awesome stock wallpapers and thanks to the wonderful tech community, all the macOS Big Sur stock wallpapers are now made available. Now anyone can download and use these wallpapers on Android, iPhones and Windows.

There are a total of 10 stock wallpapers available online that you can download from the link below. These are the leaked wallpapers or you can say custom made crafted wallpapers that can be used as your own wallpapers on any of the smartphones or desktop. All 10 wallpapers are in 5K resolution and better suited for the larger screen like TVs and computers but can be used on Any Smartphone.

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macOS Big Sur Stock Wallpapers

macOS Big Sur Wallpapers Preview

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Download macOS Big Sur Stock Wallpapers [5K Resolution]

As mentioned all the 10 wallpapers are designed to look good on any digital device. If you’re looking for the stunning but minimal wallpapers, then you’re in the right place.

Steps to Set Wallpapers on Android

  • Download and extract the file on your handset.
  • Next, go to the extracted wallpaper folder.
  • Choose and set a specific wallpaper as the home screen or lock screen easily.
  • Enjoy!

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