MIUI 9 version 8.2.1 update released with several bug fixes

MIUI 9 version 8.2.1 update released with several bug fixes: Xiaomi has been releasing all of their devices from the beginning with a custom build of Android which has been named as MIUI. Now, we have already known that all of the Xiaomi devices have Android on top of it along with MIUI and the latest version of the Android-based custom skin, MIUI was released recently and it has been named as MIUI 9 which is the next version of MIUI after MIUI 8.

Now, it is also known that MIUI 8 was based on Android Nougat and the MIUI 9 is based on Android Oreo.We have now known that Xiaomi has released a new update for all the MIUI 9 running devices around the world and this update comes with version 8.2.1.

Now, as far as the latest update for MIUI 9 is concerned, it comes with several bug fixes and improvements to the device in order to enhance the MIUI 9 experience on the supported devices. The changelog of the latest update of MIUI 9 has been attached by us below so you can have a detailed idea about all the changes in the update


  • Game speed booster
    New – A column for online games (01-30)
  • Notification
    Fix – [Oreo] The contents of the Notification bar are covered by the black area (01-30)
    Fix – [Oreo] The notification bar shows white after updating to 8.1.18 (01-30)
  • Home screen
    Fix – Home screen is displayed incorrectly when the language is set to Arabic (01-30)
  • Wallpaper
    Fix – Cannot enter settings of wallpaper carousel page (01-30)
  • Lock screen (Mi 6)
    Fix – Double tap to wake not working (01-30)
  • Settings
    Fix – Tapping on ‘i’ icon in app permission page lands back on app info page (01-30)

Now, the things you can notice from the changelog are that the latest update comes with new features like Game Speed Booster, improvements to notification bar and other changes to home screen and wallpaper. Now, make sure that you download and install the update on your device running MIUI 9 to get these latest features

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