Download OnePlus 11 Fastboot ROM for Root & Unbrick

OnePlus 11 is the latest iteration of the OnePlus flagship that has been rolled out and the device is expected to come with numerous exciting features. The device has only been released in China and hasn’t been released globally, there is a lot of hype. The anticipation isn’t just to check out the latest and greater features that the smartphone to offer but also to check if the OEM has made any improvements over its predecessors. One of the ways to improve the software is by downloading the Fastboot ROM. In this guide, you will get to know how to download OnePlus 11 Fastboot ROM for root and unbrick purposes.

OnePlus 11 Fastboot ROM vs. Stock ROM

If you don’t have any intention of tweaking your device, then you probably won’t require a Fastboot ROM. If you’re a tech enthusiast, you will be interacting with this ROM on a regular basis. When OnePlus starts rolling out the update package, it’ll be in a ZIP format, and it’s the stock firmware that you would normally install onto your device. If you extract this ZIP file, you will get the payload.bin file.

The payload file will consist of the partition files in IMG format. These will include the likes of boot.img, vbmeta.img, system.img, and vendor_boot.img among others. If your smartphone ends up in a bootloop or softbrick state, then you can flash these files to their respective partitions and your smartphone will be up and running. If you’re planning on rooting your phone, then you’ll have to get hold of the boot.img, patch it using Magisk, and flash it via Fastboot.

How to download OnePlus 11 Fastboot ROM

OnePlus 11 Fastboot ROM

If you’re on unbricking your phone, you can download any version of the Fastboot ROM. However, if you want the ROM for rooting purposes, you will need to download the same version that’s currently installed on your smartphone.

Download Fastboot ROM for OnePlus 11 ColorOS 13.0.0 A.05

You can also download the stock boot, vendor_boot, and vbmeta files. Whole boot.img is important and in some situations, you might even need vendor_boot and vbmeta for rooting your device. In case of boot.img, you will need to extract them from the same version of the Fastboot ROM that’s currently on your device.

Download OnePlus 11 Boot.img

Download OnePlus 11 Vendor_boot.img

Download OnePlus 11 Vbmeta.img

Please let us know in the comment section down below, if you have any questions regarding the procedures that have been outlined above. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution to your problem.

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