Pixel Experience ROM shuts down, Here are 7 Alternatives

For Android users, installing a third-party custom ROM has to be one of the best ways of getting more out of their handset. Custom ROMs don’t just offer the features found in the stock firmware but they also deliver more features and tinkering options that make the ROM unique.

As an Android user, Pixel Experience ROM was one of my favorite custom ROMs. The Pixel Experience ROM offered a tremendous, clean, Pixel-like experience. It helped improve performance while also offering endless customization options.

But recently, the founder of Pixel Experience ROM announced the shutting down of the project via a blog post on the official site of the ROM. The founder thanked everyone involved in the development of the project with the title ” Everything has to come to an end, sometime…”

Pixel Experience ROM Shuts Down
Pixel Experience ROM Shuts Down

With that said, you shouldn’t worry about the Pixel Experience ROM shutting down as I have come up with a few alternatives you can turn to. Here, I will tell you seven exciting alternatives you can go for after the end of Pixel Experience ROM.

Alternatives to Pixel Experience ROM

Pixel Experience ROM

Here are seven alternatives that you can turn to after Pixel Experience ROM shuts down –

#1. LineageOS

LineageOS is a custom ROM that will breathe new life into your Android smartphone. Previously called CyanogenMod, this custom ROM has been around since 2009.

LineageOS adds a lot of handy new features that stock Android ROMs do not have. Features like better privacy tools, more controls, visual themes to customize the look, and support for older phones are some of them.

Installing LineageOS made my smartphone quicker and smoother. Moreover, LineageOS also receives frequent updates for squashing bugs and improving the overall experience. With LineageOS, I was able to personalize my Android experience to match my style, tinker with the interface, play around with the buttons, and more. Thanks to the endless customization options, LineageOS will unlock your device’s full potential.

#2. Evolution X

Widely renowned for its extensive customization options and feature-rich interface, Evolution X is another custom ROM that I recommend as an alternative to Pixel Experience ROM. This is a powerhouse for folks who like having granular control over their smartphone.

This custom ROM comes with a beautiful Pixel-inspired design with impressive performance tweaks and a wide range of additional features including a built-in theme engine and privacy enhancements.

Check out the official Evolution X official website

#3. ArrowOS

Another name that I feel deserves to be on this list is ArrowOS, a custom ROM popular for its focus on performance and simplicity. ArrowOS ranks as one of the most popular custom ROMs. Based on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project), it delivers a clean, bloatware-free experience with rather minimal modifications. This custom ROM prioritizes long-term support and stability, making it an impressive choice for folks like me who value a reliable and secure experience.

Check out the official ArrowOS official website

#4. Bliss ROMs

Striking the perfect balance between exciting features and stability, Bliss ROMs will guarantee a smooth and user-friendly experience. I found that this custom ROM focused on battery life improvement and performance optimization, making it perfect for users who are after a reliable and bloatware-free experience. Moreover, it is also renowned for its regular updates, ensuring that your smartphone remains secure and up-to-date.

Check out the official Bliss ROMs official website

#5. Project Elixir

As someone who craves a close-to-stock Android experience while still wanting customization options, Project Elixir is the perfect fit. Based on the latest Android builds, this custom ROM delivers a lightweight and snappy user experience. This firmware caters to folks who love a custom ROM with clean aesthetic and prioritize performance.

Check out the official Bliss ROMs official website

#6. Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix essentially packs the kitchen sink of Android customization into a super custom ROM. This ROM brings together some of the most popular community projects, including stuff from Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, and others while adding tweaks of its own.

With Resurrection Remix OS, I was able to tailor my Android handset to my liking. I was able to change colors, menus, buttons, and more to make the interface my own. Further, this custom ROM also optimizes performance under the hood. Your handset will feel smoother and faster.

Check out the official Bliss ROMs official website

#7. crDroid

Last but not least, crDroid will whisk away the bloat and deliver speedy performance. At its core, this is an Android Open Source code without any clutter weighing things down. From there on, crDroid builds subtle enhancements and tweaks to make your Android device your own.

With this custom ROM, I was able to customize my lock screen with quick shortcuts, enable new and exciting display features like reading mode, use the signal icons of my choice, and more. Further, it provides an efficient engine, allowing the device’s stability and reliability to shine.

Check out the official crDroid official website

We hope this helped you find out some of the best alternatives to Pixel Experience ROM. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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