[January 2023] Pokemon Go Friend Codes List

Pokemon Go is a wildly popular augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm. Players can catch and battle virtual creatures in the real world, creating an exciting and immersive experience for gamers of all ages. One of the best aspects of Pokemon Go is its social aspect; players can join forces to trade Pokémon, take on Raid Battles together, or simply hang out with friends while catching ’em all!

Finding new friends in Pokemon Go doesn’t have to be difficult either – there are plenty of resources available online where players can connect with each other. Reddit’s r/PokemonGoFriends subreddit is a great place for trainers to share their Friend Codes and find others who want to play together. Alternatively, you could add your friends directly through entering their Friend Code or scanning their QR Code via the “Friends” tab in-game – it’s quick and easy!

It goes without saying that when adding new people as Friends in PokemonGo (or any other online game), caution should always be exercised so as not protect personal information from potential scammers or malicious actors posing as friendly trainers. Never accept gifts from strangers unless you know them well enough offline too – safety first!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Friend Codes List – January 2023

  • 740705594766
  • 637165399785
  • 825775377307
  • 828541341860
  • 564708499045
  • 551683720587
  • 695271471150
  • 865776425817
  • 170740015282
  • 067022691519
  • 664462632844
  • 593348152376
  • 594937770875
  • 413642567808
  • 185595260149
  • 248481706679
  • 697073050959
  • 724350238250
  • 277151968164
  • 556178724237
  • 070834818863
  • 443491899438
  • 377762384647
  • 819134049048
  • 390969314175
  • 257765148654
  • 633929438316
  • 172545777502
  • 707016506690
  • 941524425954
  • 274991992440
  • 143127996004
  • 579962742094
  • 051988480938

Finding and adding friends in Pokemon Go is simple and straightforward. Exploring social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is an effective way to locate and acquire Friend Codes, as trainers often share them there. Additionally, joining Pokemon Go groups on Facebook offers up a wealth of Friend Codes to choose from. Posting “Let’s be Friends in Pokemon Go” on Twitter will also yield a considerable number of Friend Codes. If that fails, you can always ask local friends for their codes, or use the codes provided in this article. After you have assembled your list of Friend Codes, you can begin trading, swapping gifts, and taking part in Raid Battles with your newfound friends.

Playing Pokemon Go with your own group of trusted friends makes this already amazing AR game even more enjoyable – so get out there today start making some connections!


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