How to Grab Timburr in Pokemon Go

In our previous posts, we discussed a lot of Pokemon from the decent game Pokemon Go. Continuing the same flow, again we came up with Timburr, a fighting Pokemon from the Unova region.

However Initially this Pokemon was not in the game, it came out to the Pokemon World in January 2020 and further with Shiny form in March month of the same year.

Some of you are thinking about what’s special or the reason to go with Timburr. For this, I want to explain to you that If In Pokemon Go likes you want to grow then switching to a decent Pokemon is needed a lot. Similarly, Timburr is such a Pokemon that people demand to hatch. But the problem is they don’t know, so here we are sharing a few best ways to get it.

Top Strategies for Finding and Catching Timburr in Pokemon Go


Apart from being a fighting Pokemon, the shiny form of such Pokemon seems demanding more. Timburr always be a great Pokemon to switch. There are numerous benefits of such Pokemon ranging from Gurdirr evolution, common to catch, being boosted by cloudy weather, and numerous other things. For this, developers mentioned such Pokemon in the wild as a tier 1 raid boss and also through trade. For this below, we are sharing a few instant ways to get Timburr.

Hatch it from the Egg

Apart from looking off in Wild, Timburr can get from Eggs available in the game. You should understand such Pokemon can be grabbed easily through a 5KM Egg. Now In your mind, a query comes as to where to get such eggs. For this, simply spin PokéStops and Gyms to get those eggs and from egg onwards, you will get the Timburr.

Defeat it in a raid

In the above paragraph, we said to you that Timbur can be found in wild tier 1 as a raid boss. You will be happy to know that tier 1 is the easiest raid ever which means you have a chance to bypass it. I mean to say, defeat such a raid and get your favorite Pokemon, I mean Timburr from it.

Besides that, another thing left here is to trade it with your friend. Look for friends who have this Pokemon type. And approach him to give you this, either for free or a mutually decided amount. From these different ways, you can get Timburr as easily as possible. I hope you got to know what we want to convey here, even if any user have a query then ask them below.

Image Credit: Pokemon Database

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