Possible Fixes to Chromecast “Available for specific video sites” issue

The arrival of Chromecast has changed the way of using Televisions. The first-generation Chromecast was just a simple video streaming device with up to 1080p support. As time passes, Google continues to improve the Chromecast. As a result, the latest Chromecast supports HDR10, HDR10+ and can cast 4K videos at 60 frames per second (fps). 

The latest Chromecast called ‘Chromecast with Google TV’ is the first to have an interactive UI and remote control. So, there are different versions of Chromecast available in the marketing with a different set of specifications. Setting up and using the Chromecast does not require much knowledge, it’s a simple process. But, users are complaining about a Chromecast issue which is throwing an error, “available for specific video sites”. 

According to users’ complaints, the issue mainly arises when casting a tab or casting from Google Chrome. Also, the issue is not limited to a specific model of Chromecast or a specific TV, it is occurring on a variety of models. After digging into the problem, we have come up with the best possible fixes to the “Available for specific video sites” issue in Chromecast. 


Fixes to Chromecast “Available for specific video sites” issue

Method 1: Uninstall Updates

This method has worked well for most of the users. Just go to system settings, open the apps section, and uninstall the updates to Chromecast. If this method does not work, try other methods given below.

Method 2: Adjust System Date & Time:

Check if the system’s date and time on all the devices are accurate. If not, then correct it and reboot the Chromecast. Cheers, if the method worked for you, otherwise proceed with the third method. 

Method 3: Adjust Chrome Flags

Here are some of the steps recommended by officials

 to help you remove the “”available for specific video sites” issue.
  1. On the Chrome browser address bar, enter chrome://flags/
  2. Search for “Connect to cast devices on all IP addresses”. Change it from default to enabled and relaunch the browser. Try to cast. If the issue persists, proceed to the next step.
  3. Search for “Load Media Router Component Extension”. Change it from default to enabled and relaunch the browser. Try to cast. If the issue persists, proceed to the next step.
  4. Reboot the computer.
  5. Try to cast.

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