PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Beta update brings new weapons, visual improvements, and more

PUBG Mobile Beta has got another update to 0.13.5 version. The update brings some of the improvements and additions like the new SMG category weapon, seasonal upgrades, and higher frame rates in HDR setting. PUBG Mobile new beta introduces a weapon called the PP-19 Bizon, which uses 9mm ammunition and works like the UMP or Uzi. Additionally, the Bizon has a huge 53-round magazine for longer use.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Beta Update

The Seasonal upgrade includes a new interface which looks quite better and compact. The game result screen has been improved now. With this new update, the player ratings and tier grades are more visible on the screen. The ranking system has been improved as well. It’s expected that the players can see detailed match results with tier upgrade with improved tier icons.

The 0.13.5 Beta update brings better frame rate in HDR mode. It will show weapons while wearing mythic outfits. The update also fixes some of the bugs and avatars of player teammates in Team Deathmatch. You will soon get the update on your device. The message centre also improved than previous.

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