RAID Shadow Legends promo codes: Get free Silver, XP Boosts, and other promo codes for April 2022

RAID Shadow Legends has become one of the most popular games for gamers all over the world. For typical gamers, RAID Shadow Legends promo codes will be extremely helpful as they’ll help speed up your progression in the game.

Released in 2018 by Plarium Gamers, the game features gameplay that involves in-game microtransactions and freebies. For that reason, using promo codes will be a great way of progressing through RAID Shadow Legends without having to indulge in financial transactions. The promo codes will range from massive XP boosts, free silver, and a lot more. These promo codes will offer many in-game benefits. With that said, continue reading if you want to know the entire list of RAID Shadow Legends promo codes that you can avail of in April 2022.

Use promo codes to take your RAID Shadow Legends experience to a whole new level

Here is a list of some of the most popular active codes for RAID Shadow Legends that you can use in April 2022. Using these codes, you’ll be able to claim more energy refills, silver, XP boost, and a lot more.

  • POWERSTARTER – Use for new accounts
  • YTPCOFFER22 – 500,000 silver, one 3-day XP, 3 Multi Battle, and 6 Energy Potions
  • RAIDGOODIES – Random free rewards
  • GATOR – Random free awards
  • KRISKMAS21 – Free XP, energy refills, and more
  • PCRAID2022 – Get XP, energy refills, and more
  • RAIDXMAS21 – Get XP, energy rills, and more
  • S1MPLE – 350,000 silver, 4 energy refills, 3-day XP boost, and 20 magic XP brews
  • TGASALE – Unlock Fayne – Epic champion, 60 Gems, 200,000 silver, 10 greater spirit potions, epic skill tone, and 15 arcane potions
  • TGA2021 – Get XP, energy refills, and more
  • SPOOKY13 – Get random free rewards
  • REALHELL – Get 500 energy, 2 epic book, 1 million silver, and 50 autobattles
  • GIFT1 – Get arena tokens, energy refills, and more
  • MURDERGIFT – Get 500,000 energy, 3-day XP boost, 6 energy potions, and 3 multi battle
  • GULLIBLE – Get random free rewards
  • NINJA – Get 500,000 silver, 3-day XP boost, 3 multi battles, and 6 energy potions
  • ESLPRO – Get 3 books and 3 potions

How to redeem promo codes on RAID Shadow Legends?

Redeeming promo codes on RAID Shadow Legends can be a bit tricky if you aren’t aware of the entire process. You should follow these simple steps for ensuring that you waste no time in availing the rewards in the game.

RAID Shadow Legends promo codes: Get free Silver, XP Boosts, and other promo codes for April 2022

  • Launch RAID Shadow Legends and simply click on the 3-lined button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the gift codes option from the menu that will pop up on the screen.
  • Copy the active promo codes from the list mentioned above and then paste them into the Enter Code dialog box.
  • Simply click on the Claim button for receiving the respective rewards.
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