Redmi K60 gets December 2022 update [MIUI 14 V14.0.11.0TMNCNXM]

The Redmi K60 smartphone is receiving its first MIUI 14 update with the December 2022 security patch in China via OTA build V14.0.11.0TMNCNXM, weighing 5.9 GB and requiring a stable connection for installation purposes. This update brings several improvements to the device, such as an optimized system stability and performance, changes to the status bar and display interface design, as well as fixes for issues related to touchscreen experience that have been reported by users of this model previously released updates did not address adequately yet

In terms of specific features included in this new version of MIUI 14 software package available through over-the-air (OTA) download on compatible devices like Redmi K60 smartphones; it includes updated security patches which increases general safety standards when using these devices online or while accessing sensitive data stored within them; improved user interface elements on both status bar displays along with better overall touchscreen responsiveness during regular use scenarios thanks to bug fixes implemented specifically targeting those areas where previous versions were found lacking according customer feedback reports collected from previous releases too.

To install manually this latest version offered by Xiaomi’s official servers you can go directly into your phone’s settings menu then proceed further towards System > Software Updates section where you will find all necessary instructions regarding how complete successfully setup process before enjoying all benefits provided after successful completion thereof.

Redmi K60 gets December 2022 update [MIUI 14 V14.0.11.0TMNCNXM]

It is important note though that due size involved here –5GB– having reliable internet connection at hand would be advised if wanting avoid any potential problems arising from interrupted downloads or similar situations caused lack thereof during installations procedures itself so make sure meet requirements set forth prior attempting anything else otherwise might end up wasting time unnecessarily instead being able take advantage great features included within current release already available right now!


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