Download Resurrection Remix 5.8.3+ Android 7.1.2 Nougat for all Android devices

Today in this guide, we gonna give you the download link of Resurrection Remix latest build for all the available Android device. If you want to download Resurrection Remix Android 7.1.2 build for your Android device then this is the right page for you. We have shared the Resurrection Remix download link for all the android device. In case your Android device is not listed below then don’t worry you can always google it yourself but we have done our best in creating this list. Resurrection Remix for All Android Device

We have shared the download link of the latest Resurrection build which is based on Android Nougat 7.1.2. Resurrection build is quite popular custom ROM it ranks on number 2 after LineageOS in the list of best custom ROM for Android. Many people recommend this ROM to install. This ROM is really very fast. Not all device are supported by this ROM but most of the device is supported by this device. Resurrection Remix for All Android Device

The process of installing this ROM is very easy just like before, all you have to do is install the custom recovery like TWRP or CWM on your android device and transfer this ROM on your mobile SD’s Card and flash the ROM and enjoy. We have shared many android devices along with download link so instead of finding your device one by one you can do it by pressing CTRL + F5 and search for your android device and download the ROM and enjoy. Resurrection Remix for All Android Device

Download latest Resurrection Remix for All Android Device

Resurrection Remix for All Android Device

Note: The RR team has been releasing new updates so old releases are now removed from their site. For latest build check out >


Z008 Zenfone 2 (720p)

yuga Sony Xperia Z

x2 Nokia X2

wt88047 Xiaomi Redmi 2 (wt88047)

vs980 Verizon LG G2

victara Moto X 2014 (victara)

v400 LG G Pad 7.0

trltexx Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Intl) (trltexx)

trltetmo Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile

honami Sony Xperia Z1

hlte Galaxy NOTE 3

harpia Moto G4 Play (harpia)

hammerhead Nexus 5 (hammerhead)

ham ZUK Z1 (ham)

h815 LG G4 (Intl) (h815)

h811 LG G4 (T-MOBILE) (h811)

grouper Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) (grouper)

ghost Moto X 2013 (ghost)

gemini Xiaomi Mi 5 (gemini)

g2mG2 Mini (g2m)

flounder Nexus 9

floNexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi) (flo)

Find7s OPPO Find 7s (find7s)

Find7a OPPO Find 7a (find7a)

falcon Moto G (falcon)

dogo Sony Xperia ZR

dior Redmi NOTE 4G

deb Nexus 7 2013 (4G) (deb)

d855 G3 (Unlocked) (d855)

d852 G3 (Canada) (d852)

d803 G2 (Canada) (d803)

d802 G2 (Intl) (d802)

d801 G2 (TMO) (d801)

d800 G2 (AT&T) (d800)

d2vzw Galaxy S III (VZW) (d2vzw)

d2tmoGalaxy S III (TMO) (d2tmo)

d2spr Galaxy S III (Sprint) (d2spr)

d2att Galaxy S III (AT&T) (d2att)

crackling Wileyfox Swift (crackling)

condor Moto E (condor)

clark Moto X Pure (2015) (clark)

castor_windy Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet WiFi

castor Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (GSM/LTE)

capricorn Mi 5s – capricorn

cancro Mi 3w and Mi 4 (cancro)

bullhead Nexus 5X (bullhead)

baconOnePlus One (bacon)

axon7 ZTE Azon 7

athene Moto G4/G4 Plus (athene)

armani Redmi 1S (armani

angler Nexus 6P (angler)

amami Xperia Z1 Compact (z1c)

a7lte Samsung Galaxy A700FD

A7010a48 Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

A6020 Vibe K5 / K5 Plus (A6020)

a6000Lenovo A6000/A6000 Plus/K30

So these are the devices which are eligible to install latest Resurrection Remix Build. If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask in the comment section.


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