How To Schedule An Auto Reboot On Android (Root)

Did you know you can schedule an auto reboot on Android smartphones? Android devices now come with a feature that allows you to schedule an auto reboot. In this guide, you will get to know how to schedule an auto reboot on Android smartphones.

Android smartphones are extremely convenient and can carry out a variety of actions. This is thanks to the variety of options and tweaks that you can perform on your Android smartphone. Any Android device can be rooted, installed with a custom recovery, flashed ROMs, and much more.

Something else your Android device can’t do is automatically reboot. While mobile vendors like Samsung and HTC have an option in the Settings app, stock Android users suffer all the time due to lack of options and settings. This, however, doesn’t need to go any longer. We now have an excellent application over at the Google Play Store which will allow you to truly master your device’s potential to its core.

What is Reboot Scheduler?

Reboot Scheduler is an innovative application which has been built fairly recently and is available at a price over at the Google Play Store. However, if you need it for free just for testing it out, then the developers have been kind enough to leave us an APK of the same app. You can install the APK file, or make the little payment, and either way, your device will be rocking nevertheless. Just make sure your Android device is rooted. Here are some of the many features that the application holds.

  • Reboot to bootloader.
  • Reboot on button press.
  • Reboot to recovery.
  • Power the phone off (shut down).
  • Clear all app cache.
  • Clear dalvik-cache.
  • Hot reboot (reboot system, much faster than reg reboot).
  • Schedule time for reboot, hot reboot or shutdown.
  • Schedule clearing cache and dalvik-cache.
  • Monday through Friday Schedule Option.
  • Custom option (select the days you want).
  • Turn on or off reboot confirmations with button press.
  • Persistent notification option.
  • Turn on or off startup toast notifications.

How To Schedule An Auto Reboot On Android

Schedule An Auto Reboot On Android

You can grab the application over at the Google Play Store by following the given link below, or also get it using the APK link right here. And using the app you can easily Schedule An Auto Reboot On Android.

We hope this guide helped you with how to schedule an auto reboot on Android devices. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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