Send GIFs with the Google Keyboard in Android Nougat

As it is widely accepted, ‘Actions speak more than words. It is the present trend even in the social platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and others. At times word fails to express the emotion well. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) have become popular in the recent times for the similar reason. Moreover, GIFs can add humor to otherwise boring and monotonous conversations. Google has got up with an update to Send GIFs with the Google Keyboard in Android Nougat.

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is a file extension for an often animated raster graphics file. It is also the second most common image format used on the World Wide Web after JPEG.

If you are using Android 7.1 version, then you have another feature that lets you enjoy the conversations. This feature came as an add-on with the v5.2 update to the Google Keyboard. It is available only on devices with Android 7.1 version because it has the API support.

Send GIFs with the Google Keyboard in Android Noughat
In the Google, keyboard GIFs are hidden so need to unravel them. Once the Google keyboard launched, you need to go the emoji panel where you will find a GIF option. Just tap on it and use the GIF that best describes your emotions and feelings.

The GIFs that are displayed classified into different categories that include greetings, emotions, feelings, festivals and so on. You can also find the most trending GIFS too. There is search option provided, so that you can search through the many GIFs, thereby saving your time at the same time being efficient than the words.

However, all the apps do not support GIF for some reason. Nevertheless, GIFs are a great option for everyone to try to enjoy the conversations to the maximum level. Given the present time where people communicate with each other on social chatting apps, GIFs are a must try because it adds life to the dull conversations.

Send GIFs with the Google Keyboard in Android Noughat min

How to Send GIFs with the Google Keyboard in Android Nougat

[appbox googleplay]

  • Download and Install the Gboard app from Playstore.
  • Run the Gboard app and follow the onscreen instruction to setup the keyboard.
  • Now you can use the Google Keyboard on any app.

Send GIFs with the Google Keyboard in Android

  • Tap on emoticons button on the keyboard and then select GIF option.
  • Search for the GIF’s and tap on the send button to send the GIF.
  • Done !!

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