Some Android Users Can’t Find “My Apps” Shortcut in Play Store

There’s an issue bugging some Android phone and tablet users recently. The useful “My Apps” shortcut that normally appears when you long-press the Google Play Store app icon seems to have disappeared.

This shortcut lets you quickly see a list of all your installed apps and any available updates. But for many, it’s just gone after a Play Store background update, even though it’s not tied to a particular app version.

What’s Happening ?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many sites are getting lots of reports about this missing “My Apps” shortcut problem. It looks like it started happening for some after the Play Store automatically updated itself behind-the-scenes. Eeven we have received some reports of the issue.

My apps missing from playstore context menu
My apps missing from playstore context menu | Pic: 9to5google

How to Get the “My Apps” Shortcut Back

The good news is there are a couple of potential fixes to get that handy shortcut back:

  1. Clear Play Store Data – Just go into Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage and hit “Clear Storage” (some devices may have “clear data”). This resets some settings but could bring the shortcut back.
Clear app data playstore
Clear app data playstore | Pic: rootmygalaxy
  1. Wait for an Update – The Google Play Store app updates regularly. Chances are a future update will include a fix for this shortcut bug.

From the Experts: “It seems to occur after the Google Play Store updates itself in the background, and it’s not related to any particular app version.” – 9to5Google


Why did my “My Apps” shortcut disappear?

It’s a bug that is removing the shortcut for some users after a Play Store background update.

How can I get it back?

Try clearing the Play Store app’s data/cache or wait for an update that will likely fix the issue.

Where else can I check for app updates?

Open the Play Store app and go to the “My Apps & Games” section.

Definitely, its an annoying little bug, but hopefully one of those methods brings the “My Apps” shortcut back for you. Leave a comment below and let me know if you were able to fix it or have any other questions!

Dibyajyoti Kabi
Dibyajyoti Kabi
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