Google Play Store set to replace Google Account password with Biometric Authentication

If you’re an Android user, you must check your inbox as Google has started sending out emails regarding an upcoming update to the Google Play Store. This update is meant for enhancing convenience and security when you purchasing anything.

This new update will allow you to ditch your account’s password in favor of Biometric Authentication in the form of Face and Fingerprint for confirming app downloads, music, movies, and in-app transactions.

Here, you will get to learn more about the upcoming update and Google Play Store replacing Google Account password with Biometric Authentication.

Google Play Store to Adopt Biometric Authentication Instead of Passwords

Google Account password

Currently, if you wish to enable the Biometric Verification feature in Google Play Store settings, you should enter your Google Account password. This can feel a bit redundant, especially when unlocking your smartphone already involves utilizing the secure biometric method. Google’s next update will address that and make the entire process simpler.

In the email that is being sent, Google highlights the upcoming shift in confirming the security feature. Soon, you’ll have to verify these settings with a quick fingerprint scan or unlocking using your face. Google has been pushing for users to enable the purchase verification feature for additional protection. Play Store features three options for how often the biometric authentication kicks in – Always, Every 30 minutes, and Never.

Notably, this email also includes a sensible reminder for using caution when storing biometric data on shared devices. As this data can approve transactions, responsible use will be essential. Moreover, it also emphasizes the importance of keeping passwords private.

Security and user-friendliness tend to be at odds but Google’s upcoming update aims at striking the perfect balance. By removing the additional step of entering the password, they aren’t just streamlining the process but encouraging adoption of security measures as well.

We hope this helped you learn more about Google Play Store replacing Google Account password with Biometric Authentication. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.


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