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[Editors’ Pic] Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2017

These Our Editors’ Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2017.There are tons of wallpaper applications available in google play store.Nowadays finding good quality and the right wallpaper for your Android device can be very challenging.So here we share our Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2017 to make your android looks nicer.

One of the best features of android is customization.Most of the android users like to use different kinds of wallpapers every day.Now most of the android phones have Quad HD display and you need a good wallpaper to make your phone look nice.

There are loads of android wallpapers apps available in the play store which offers high-quality wallpapers.We have chosen our Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2016.

Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2017

The Most Popular Automated Android wallpaper App – 500 Fire paper


Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2015 -500 Fire paper

This is one of the best wallpaper application for android.This app has been featured in many YouTubers videos.The app automatically changes your wallpaper at an interval of time set by you.You can change the wallpaper by just tapping with the triple fingers on your screen.All the wallpapers are High Quality.500 fire paper is a free app.


Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2015 -Murum

If you are a big fan of simple high-quality wallpapers then this is perfect for you.You have various categories to choose from like Geo, Blur, Poly and more. These wallpapers should match with your material design setup.This app is free in the play store.


Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2015 -Facets

If you are an android lover then you must heard Justin maller.Some of his designed wallpapers featured in many big youtube channels like MKBHD and UNBOXTHERAPHY.This app consists Justin maller’s high-quality artistic wallpapers.He put out a high-quality wallpaper every day for 365 days last year.This app is a paid app, it costs $0.99 in the play store.


Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2015 -Minima LWP

This app is perfect for those people who are looking for high-quality material design wallpapers.The cool thing about this app is that it gives you  3D parallax effects.There are dozens of pre-set themes available.But at the same time, you could have it setup within a minute or two thanks to its randomized setting.It is free in the play store but if you want to unlock all the features then you should buy the paid version.


Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2015 -Background HD
This app created by OGQ.This app is very popular among the android users and there are over 5,000 images for you to choose from and the number is constantly growing. All the wallpapers are well organized into various categories.All of the images are of high quality and the application is completely free.

So these are our Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2017.Let us know in the comment section which is your favourite among these or if you have other favorites.

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