How to unbrick OnePlus 3T (Bootloop Fix)

Jun 15, 2017 – OnePlus 3T, a very impressive device in looks, specifications, features and many more is a developer device at the top which means your bootloader can be unlocked with a simple fastboot command and you can develop ROMs or apps on your own and your OnePlus won’t be out of warranty if you have rooted it, as rooting and unlocking the bootloader are a part of being a developer device. I thank Oneplus as we are able to find unbrick roms of these developers devices for a while and in this articles, I will be guiding you for unbricking the Oneplus 3T so let’s begin. (unbrick OnePlus 3T)

I thank Oneplus as we are able to find unbrick roms of these developers devices for a while and in this articles, I will be guiding you for unbricking the Oneplus 3T so let’s begin. (unbrick OnePlus 3T)

Generally most of the times, users install the stock ROM to fix a bricked android device and it works for all the devices.Here we came up with a new way to unbrick Oneplus 3T and fix bootloop issue.very special thanks to for the guide.

How to Unbrick OnePlus 3T

1. So for this first you need to install the Qualcomm Driver to your PC, we need to put our Windows operating system into “Test Mode”, we are doing this because we don’t want to face any installation errors. You can do this by clicking the start button, search for cmd and then right-click on it and click Run as administrator.

2. Now in the CMD window type this “Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON”, press enter and restart you PC.

3. After doing the above step keep your device in the Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 /EDL mode. For doing this you will have to use the default key combination of Qualcomm. Ensure that your device is completely then press the volume up button and connect the USB cable without pressing the power button.

4. We will be using the “Msm8974 Download Tool.exe”, “rawprogram0.XML”, “patch0.XML”, “prog_emmc_firehose_8974.mbn” and “MPRG8974.mbn” flashers, these are the Qualcomm’s engineer files and are only found in these kind of service roms. All the XML files can be restored but you have to cautious as the mbn files can not be restored. They include some vendor specification files that contain some symbols that cannot be used on cross models.

5. Right click “Msm8974DownloadTool.exe” and run it as “administrator”, this flasher is in Chinese but it’s not a big thing as we will only use 2 buttons on it“Enum” which will be identifying our EDL ports and then click Start to enable the flashing. Don’t get confused as Windows’s com port number and this tool’s numbers will be the same port and different numbers. After you click on Start,  “8974_msimage.mbn” will be sent to your phone and you will hear an USB eject and plug sound from your computers.

6. Now you can close the Msm8974 Download Tool. After closing it press the power button and the volume up button together for some time which will reset Qualcomm 9006 port to 9008 again.

7. Run the Msm8974 Download Tool as administrator and click “Start” again Because our 9006 drivers is now installed.

8. After it finishes you will see the port line will become green that indicates that you have successfully unbricked your Oneplus 3T device.

you have successfully unbricked your one plus 3t!!!!

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