How to Unlock Bootloader On Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL using dePixel8 Script

Steps to Unlock Bootloader On Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL: As all of we know, Verizon Google Pixel and Pixel XL comes with locked bootloader and there is no official way to unlock the bootloader on these devices .The carrier is not allowing users to Unlock Bootloader On Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL

But we have a great news for all Verizon users.Now Bootloader of Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL can be unlocked.There is script called ‘dePixel8’, lets users to unlock bootloader on Verizon Pixel and Pixel X.This guide we will be sharing step by step guide to Unlock Bootloader On Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL using dePixel8 Script.

It is important  to Unlock Bootloader On Verizon-Google Pixel and Pixel XL, if you want to root your device or want to install any custom recovery, ROMs, Kernel & MODs.Once the bootloader is unlocked you can Flash modified system, boot images, kernel, custom recovery(TWRP/CWM) or other .img files on your device.


  • Make sure there is at least 80% battery left on your smartphone before begin this tutorial
  • This process will erase all your user data will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your  Verizon Google Pixel / Pixel XL while following this tutorial.Do it at your own risk.


  • Verizon Google Pixel and Pixel XL (Unlocked Only)
  • Don’t try this on any other device than mentioned above!



Step-By-Step Guide

Unlock Bootloader On Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL

  • First, download ‘dePixel8’ unlock script from the developer’s website here and save it in ADB folder
  • Connect your Verizon Pixel phone to your PC via a USB cable
  • Go to the folder where you have saved the ‘dePixel8’ file and open a command window from there (Press Shift key, right click and choose Open a command window here option)
  • Now, issue the below commands one by one:
adb push dePixel8 /data/local/tmp
adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/dePixel8
adb shell /data/local/tmp/dePixel8
  • Your phone will automatically boot into bootloader mode. If not, repeat the procedure again.
  • Once your Verizon Pixel is in bootloader mode, issue the following command to unlock the bootloader:
fastboot oem unlocking
  • Accept if any thing pops up On the screen.(confirmation screen)
  • Once done, reboot the system by issuing the following commands
fastboot reboot
  • Done!!! the bootloader of your Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL have successfully been unlocked

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Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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  1. Avatar of Sonnycohopie

    gets stuck on step 4. Please Help!!!

    says waiting for any device after i issue the oem unlock command.

    • Avatar of Matthew Rhodes
      Matthew Rhodes

      adb-setup-1.4.3.exe <—- Google that. download it and follow the instructions. Was in the same boat you were installed this ADB System wide and BAM! Unlocked.

  2. Avatar of Art Schertz
    Art Schertz

    Does not appear to work on the 7.1.2 platform


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