How to use Pixel Troubleshooting app to diagnose phone overheating issues?

The Google Pixel Troubleshooting app can explain why your phone is overheating and suggest ways to fix it.

Have you felt the heat rising from your Google Pixel smartphone? Have you been facing phone overshooting issues? If so, then you aren’t alone.

In Android smartphones, you may have noticed the sudden warmth creeping up when surfing YouTube, watching a movie, or simply scrolling through your social media feed. Now, there is a workaround as you can use Pixel Troubleshooting app to fix this issue.

In this guide, you will get to know how to use Pixel Troubleshooting app to diagnose phone overheating issues.

How does the Pixel Troubleshooting app work?

Launched by Google, the Pixel Troubleshooting app is a game changer for Pixel smartphones. It is specifically designed for addressing the pesky phone heating issues. It is a lifeline for navigating through common issues, providing a helping hand when your smartphone gets too warm for comfort.

The app will guide you through the treacherous terrain of battery issues. It automatically checks for settings that cause your battery to drain. With the superhero app, you’ll be able to bid farewell to charging issues and overheating problems.

The best bit here is that it isn’t only about finding problems, it is about solving them. Once the Pixel Troubleshooting app detects the problem creators, it won’t leave you hanging, it will provide support links and a direct route to the support team.

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How to use this app to diagnose phone overheating issues?

Pixel Troubleshooting app

For Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro users, finding the Troubleshooting app may feel like a game of hide & seek. There is no separate icon but the app is hiding in plain sight in the Settings menu. Here are the steps to access the Pixel Troubleshooting app –

  • Head over to Settings
  • Now, type “Troubleshoot” in the search bar
  • Then, either select “Troubleshoot mobile connection” or “Battery diagnostics” depending on whom you’re having issues with
  • Pick the option causing you trouble and diagnose the phone overheating issues
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