What is AUT Trello Link and how to use it

AUT is an exciting action/adventure game that has been inspired by different popular shows, animes, and games among others. Similar to other Roblox games, the developers have successfully set up a Trello board for AUT, which contains detailed information about the game, including controls, maps, stories, and more.  If you are looking to get a taste of AUT Trello Link, then this guide will be of great use to you. In this guide, you will find out what is AUT (A Universal Time) Trello link and the instructions on how to use AUT Trello Link.

How to get AUT Trello Link?

To get your hands on the AUT Trello Link, you will need to click on the link mentioned below –

AUT Trello Link – https://trello.com/b/zvAPn8TV/aut-2

You simply need to click on the link to head over to the game’s Trello page and access all the essential information, including AUT info, Discord server, controls, mechanics, and more. The Trello page is quite helpful for AUT (A Universal Time) players, especially newcomers who get baffled by something in the game.

Alongside that, Trello also comes with AUT Redeem Codes that you can use to claim free rewards in the game. AUT codes can be easily redeemed by navigating to the menu section of the game. The best part is that the Admins of the Trello board keep things updated with the latest info, making it a one-stop shop for AUT fans.

How to use AUT Trello?

AUT Trello Link

AUT (A Universal Time) Trello has been divided into multiple sections that are further divided into different sub-sections called “cards”. Each card comes with relevant info as per its titles, making it quite easy for the users to locate the information that they are looking for. Here are the different sections or lists of AUT Trello –

  • Global Information
  • Game passes
  • Things to know
  • Main Game
  • Other Gamemodes
  • Economy
  • Farming
  • NPCs & Quests
  • Stands
  • Original Abilities
  • Goku
  • Reskins
  • Unobtainable
  • Upcoming
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