WhatsApp introduces the Personalized Avatars feature (How to Use)

A few days back, WhatsApp announced the launch of avatars allowing users to create a personalized avatar and use that as their WhatsApp profile photo or share a custom sticker. WhatsApp has been rolling out this feature and it’ll let you create customized digital avatars and choose from different combinations of hairstyles, facial features, and outfits. The Personalized Avatars feature is already present on Meta’s Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram app and now it is coming to WhatsApp too. In this guide, you will get to know more about WhatsApp introducing the Personalized Avatars feature and how to use it.

Use WhatsApp avatars and profile pictures and stickers

The new Personalized WhatsApp Avatars can be used as profile picture or as stickers. The users will get the option to choose from one of the 36 custom stickers based on their avatar’s actions and emotions. The users can send and share these personalized avatars with family and friends.

In the near future, WhatsApp has stated that it will be adding many new functionalities like lighting, shading, hairstyle textures, and other customization options for enhancing the overall experience. WhatsApp Avatars will roll out to users gradually, so it could take a while to become available on your device.

WhatsApp introduces the Personalized Avatars feature (How to Use)

How to use the Personalized Avatars feature on WhatsApp

All you have to do is open WhatsApp chat and head over to the Stickers option. In iOS, the sticker option will be in the chat box-the box where you’ll be typing the message. On Android, you should tap the emoji symbol in the chatbox. At the bottom, you will see the sticker option next to the GIF search keyboard.

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If you get Avatars on your smartphone, the app will display them once you go to the stickers option in the chat. A new page will open, asking you to get started with creating a personalized avatar on WhatsApp. After that, you should tap on “Get Started”.

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After that, you will get the option for choosing your skin tone, hairstyle, face, eyes, and more. Once you have finalized the avatar, you should tap on “Done” in the top right corner and save changes. WhatsApp will allow you to open the front camera to help make sure that the avatar is more realistic. Once it is done, you should press save. Your personalized avatars will be updated and WhatsApp creates stickers with the new avatar. It’ll take a couple of minutes for this to happen. Once they’re ready, the stickers will be visible and you’ll be able to share them in any chat.

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