Where to Get Bits and Pieces in The Sims 4: Fabrication Skill

In Sims 4, the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack will allow you to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle as you can reduce, reuse, and recycle objects. The pack will allow you to use renewable energy and grow food items by sustainable living. Further, Eco Lifestyle goes a step further as it’ll let you make your own decorations and furniture. In this guide, you’ll get to know where to get bits and pieces in the game as a part of the Eco Lifestyle Fabrication Skill.

Where can you get Bits and Pieces in the Sims 4?

Bits and Pieces are two new Eco Lifestyle currencies that are obtainable through recycling. One of the methods is by going to the recycler, purchasing objects, and selecting them from your inventory. In particular, if you’re buying expensive items to recycle, they often net you more Bits and Pieces.

While it is one of the quickest ways of obtaining Bits and Pieces, it is also among the most expensive. Despite that, upgrading your machines will help you in saving money and increase efficiency.

Where to Get Bits and Pieces in The Sims 4: Fabrication Skill

If you’re low on money or you don’t wish to spend much, you can even dive into different dumpsters for items. Not only will it net you a few Bits and Pieces but you might even obtain objects to recycle later. You can even rummage through trash cans and public waste bins if you aren’t seeing any dumpsters nearby. For boosting your chances of obtaining Bits and Pieces from trash cans and dumpsters, you can activate the Reduce and Recycle Lot trait that you’re planning to explore.

How to check for Bits and Pieces in the Sims 4

In the Sims 4, you’ll be able to check exactly how many Bits and Pieces you’ve got by hovering over machines like your Fabricator or Recycler. If you’re not having immediate access to them, you can even view them by checking your Household funds. Using the newly acquired Bits and Pieces, you’ll be able to craft items like candles, tables, couches, and bookshelves, depending upon your skill level.

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