Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How do you free colonies?

The Consul is the antagonistic force that you’ll be encountering in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 from time to time. They’ve got a grasp on the colonies using the Flame Clock. After you’ve progressed past Chapter Two, you’ll realize how evil the Consul actually is. Although it isn’t your duty to liberate the colonies of your land, doing so will grant you affinity bonuses and deepen the relationship with the citizens.

How to free colonies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The colonies in Xenoblade Colonies 3 all fall under the control of the Consul. It means that people cannot actually act the way they want. You’ll notice the effects of this pretty early in the story. As you’re progressing through the game, you’ll be releasing more and more colonies.

For freeing up a colony or liberating a colony, you will just have to destroy its flame clock. It is done automatically after you’ve defeated the Colony Consul. The battles are actually pretty difficult and can take you a while to complete. However, doing this will free the colony and its people. Not all colonies will get liberated or freed up during the story. Some of them will even require completing side quests to free the colonies.

Benefits of freeing up colonies

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How do you free colonies?

Liberating a colony will further open up the world for you and all your allies. It’ll give you access to new quests while giving you more ways of earning experience and new classes. Once you’ve freed up a colony, you should make sure that you check the area for any NPCs that you’re having information for your team to discuss. It’ll give you access to new missions that become available. As you’re progressing through the game, be sure that you return to the liberated colonies to see if there’s more information to learn.

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