Xiaomi Mi 11i gets MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update

Xiaomi has started sending MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update to the Mi 11i. It is currently rolling out to the global version and is identified by the firmware version V12.5.2.0.RKKMIXM. In addition to MIUI 12.5 Enhanced features, the update also brings September 2021 security patch.

Xiaomi Mi 11i is receiving the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update that brings new features like Focused algorithm, Atomized memory, and Liquid storage. The atomized memory is a more efficient way of RAM management, which may give some performance boost to the device. Coming to the focused algorithm feature, it dynamically allocates system resources to ensure a smooth experience.

The liquid storage feature introduced in MIUI 12.5 Enhanced is said to increase defragmentation efficiency by up to 60%. It also ensures that the system remains vibrant and responsive. Smart balance is another new feature announced in the latest MIUI skin which improves the core system to increase hardware usage.

Xiaomi Mi 11i MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update

The new software update for Xiaomi Mi 11i also brings the September 2021 security patch, which fixes over a dozen of system security and privacy-related vulnerabilities. It fixes the crash issue when face and fingerprint unlocking is used simultaneously. Some more issues are also getting a fix, which are detailed in the changelog given below.


  • Xiaomi Mi 11i

Software version:

  • V12.5.2.0.RKKMIXM


  • Global

Recovery ROM:


  • MIUI12.5 Enhanced
    • Swift performance. More life between the charges.
    • Focused algorithms: Our new algorithms will dynamically allocate system resources based on specific scenes, ensuring smooth experience on all models.
    • Atomized memory: Ultra-fine memory management mechanism will make RAM usage more efficient.
    • Liquid storage: New sensitive storage mechanisms will keep your system vibrant and responsive as time goes by.
    • Smart balance: Core system improvements allow your device to make the best of the flagship hardware specs.
  • System
    • Updated Android Security Patch to September 2021. Increased system security.
  • Lock screen
    • Fix: Using Face unlock and Fingerprint unlock simultaneously led to crashes in some cases
    • Fix: Lock screen notifications disappeared after an ended call
  • Status bar, Notification shade
    • Fix: Cleaner animations weren’t displayed correctly
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