Android 11 allows users to reopen closed Apps [How To]

It seems that Android developers are going quite deep into the users’ behavior in a couple of years. More and more permission control, access control over the system, aesthetic changes, more secured aspects, etc are becoming part of our life when it comes to the smartphone.

However, most of the Android users have reported one common issue or mistake that will not gonna last forever. Previously, most of us may have closed any of the running application by mistake or in a hurry from the recent panel. But not anymore. As the Android 11 allows users to reopen closed apps from the recent menu.

Although the process is tricky and you will get a few milliseconds only to perform the task and bring back the opened app card into the recent apps menu. If you think that you want to reopen the closed app after a few seconds of closing then it may not possible as of now. You have to be very quick to realize that you need that app again at the same state where it was opened and perform the action.

Android 11 allows users to reopen closed Apps [How To]

Android 11 allows users to reopen closed Apps [How To]

This is one of the best features of Android 11 which is running on Developer Preview mode right now. For more features, visit here.

  • Go to the recent app menu and if you suddenly close any running app by mistake. (Swiping up)
  • Just swipe down quickly from the top to reopen the recently closed app in its same condition.
  • Here you’re. You can see the reopened app card in the recent apps menu again.

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