Android 15 Beta 1.1 rolls out with NFC related bug fixes

The Android 15 beta rollout is in full swing, and Google has already pushed out an incremental update to address some of the major headaches plaguing early adopters. Just a couple weeks after the initial Android 15 Beta 1 release, the search giant dropped Android 15 Beta 1.1 to address bugs and enhance the overall experience for us Pixel users.

This incremental bug-fixing update is landing as an OTA download for the Pixel 6 and all the newer Pixel hotness, including the just-dropped Pixel Tablet and badass Pixel Fold. The update itself is a lightweight 15MB package but still manages to carry the fresh software build AP31.240322.023.

This latest Beta1.1 update aims to fix four particular problems that have been reported in the previous build. As per Google’s Android 15 Beta 1.1 release note these bugs are as follows

  • Fixed various issues with NFC that interfered with wallet apps and other NFC-dependent system operations. (Issue #333929007, Issue #333957918, Issue #334578498, Issue #334270672, Issue #334171753, Issue #336064427, Issue #333935278)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Developer Options settings screen to crash. (Issue #333941833)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some devices from updating properly to Beta 1. (Issue #333932298, Issue #333981062)
  • Fixed a text clipping issue when trying to print. (Issue #334925832, Issue #334430062)

The Beta 1.1 goods are already rolling out as an OTA update for Pixel owners rockin’ that initial Android 15 beta build. Just head to Settings > System > System Updates to grab it.

OTA update check
OTA Update Check Pixel | Reference only

If you haven’t joined the beta fun yet, now’s a good time! Sign up for the Android Beta Program to download it on your Pixel, or go the advanced route and manually sideload those shiny new factory images/OTAs.

Don’t forget to file any other issues or enhancement requests through the Beta Feedback app once updated. This 1.1 release shows Google is committed to smoothing out those frustrating early beta quirks. Excited to see what other cool surprises they have in store for Android 15!

Dibyajyoti Kabi
Dibyajyoti Kabi
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