Apple Introduces WatchOS 9.3 with New Watch Face and Improvements, Bug Fixes

Apple has released a new software update for Apple Watch, watchOS 9.3. The update is compatible and free for Apple Watch Series 4 or newer versions. The latest version of the Apple watchOS, 9.3, has a build number of 20S648 and weighs in at 276MB.

The watchOS 9.3 software update from Apple is a great way to honor Black History and Culture in celebration of Black History Month. The new Unity Mosaic watch face allows users to show their support for the cause, as well as enjoy improved performance with system-wide improvements and bug fixes.

To install this update, iPhone owners must first upgrade to iOS 16.3 before following the steps in the Apple Watch app on their iPhone device. This update is free for eligible watches such as Series 4 or newer versions of Apple Watches.

How to install watchOS 9.3 update

Apple Introduces WatchOS 9.3 with New Watch Face and Improvements, Bug Fixes

  • 🔧 Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • 🛠️ Tap on “My Watch”
  • 🛠️ Tap on “General”
  • 📲 Tap on “Software Update”
  • 💾 Tap on “Download and Install”
  • 🔒 Enter password for confirmation
  • 📝 Tap on “Agree” to the terms and conditions
  • 🚀 Tap on “Install” to start the update
  • 📲 Once the installation is completed, the watch will automatically reboot to the latest watchOS 9.3 update.

watchOS 9.3 Changelog

In addition, this software includes features that make it more user friendly than ever before, such as an improved Control Center that offers quick access to settings like Do Not Disturb mode or Airplane Mode while also allowing users to quickly switch between apps without having exit out of one completely first; plus redesigned Music controls which now allow you listen continuously even when switching between activities or during workouts; plus better battery life so your smartwatch can last longer throughout your day’s activities

Overall, updating your eligible Apple Watch with watchOS 9.3 provides many benefits including honoring Black history and culture through its Unity Mosaic feature while also providing system-wide improvements along with additional features designed specifically for convenience and user experience enhancements . Therefore if you have a compatible device then there should be no reason not take advantage of all these wonderful updates offered by the latest version from Apple!

Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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