Apple WWDC 2024 Wallpapers are now available !

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, also known as WWDC, is a much-anticipated event and this year, it is taking place from June 10 to June 14 at Apple Park. As the date approaches for WWDC 2024, Apple has released two stunning logos that can be used as perfect wallpapers on your devices.

If you don’t know, WWDC is a highly anticipated multi-day event where Apple showcases its latest software to developers. The first day will be the most significant, with the announcement of iOS 18 and the release of its developer beta.

Additionally, new operating systems for Apple’s other devices and potential AI feature introductions are expected. A few hardware releases, such as new AirPods, may also be unveiled.

Apple WWDC 2024 Wallpapers

About WWDC24 Logo Wallpapers

The first logo features the text “WWDC24” in a striking neon color scheme, with the letters arranged vertically in pairs. This vibrant design exudes a modern and futuristic vibe, captivating the essence of innovation that WWDC represents.

The second logo showcases a stack of neon circles encapsulating “WWDC24” within, creating a mesmerizing and dynamic visual experience. Both logos have been optimized to ensure high-quality and vivid display across various devices.



The below images are just for preview and not in full quality so avoid downloading them. You will find the MEGA and telegram download link below for the highest quality

WWDC 24 Wallpaper Preview 1 edited WWDC 24 Wallpaper Preview 3 edited

WWDC 24 Wallpaper preview 2 WWDC 24 Wallpaper thumb 4 preview edited

Download Apple WWDC 2024 Wallpapers

Download the highest quality from the links below. There are 2 versions of the wallpaper, one for smartphones and the other for tablets, laptops, and computers.

Download: Telegram | MEGA

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