Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Now Available on Chromebooks

Are you a Chromebook aficionado who loves gaming? If so, you’ll be pleased to know about the new cloud gaming service, Boosteroid Gaming. It’s the latest entrant in the cloud gaming sector for Chromebooks, and it offers numerous choices for users.

Previously, Windows computers were the ideal device for gaming. However, with the appearance of cloud gaming services, it’s now possible to play games on any device, including Chromebooks. Unfortunately, Google Stadia, which was a favored option for Chromebook users, has been retired. This created a gap in the market for a new service, and Boosteroid Gaming has filled that void.

Through Boosteroid, users on Chromebooks can effortlessly play a variety of games from Steam and the Epic Games Store. The service has been tweaked for optimal performance on Chromebooks, so you can anticipate an effortless gaming experience. Additionally, Boosteroid allows users to easily transition between devices and platforms, so you can continue your game from where you left off.

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Now Available on Chromebooks

One of the best features of Boosteroid is that users can stream their games to YouTube in 1080p. This is not bad at all for a cloud gaming service, especially on Chromebooks. The service also offers a monthly subscription plan for $8.99 or $89.99 for an annual subscription. Users will require at least 15Mbps of internet speed and a 720p display to play games smoothly.

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Another great thing about Boosteroid is that it’s compatible with both Bluetooth and wired game controllers. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in your game. And, for a limited time, select Chromebook users can take advantage of a free one-month trial. You can install the service on your Chromebook directly from the Google Play Store.

To wrap up, Boosteroid Gaming is an outstanding selection for Chromebook devotees who relish gaming. With an assortment of games to opt from, a steady performance, and the capacity to broadcast to YouTube, it’s a sound pick for any gamer. Give it a try with the free one-month trial and determine if it’s the correct fit for you.

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