Does Party Animals come with Crossplay Support?

It can get difficult trying to coordinate multiplayer games with friends without considering device constraints. With some on PC and others on consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X, crossplay has become a huge selling point when choosing multiplayer games. The same applies to Party Animals.

One of the questions many gamers is does Party Animals come with Crossplay Support? Party Animals is set to feature a wide variety of multiplayer modes for players to enjoy across Xbox and PC, some of which come along the time-limited Steam demo that allowed gamers to get hands-on years before the release date.

If you’re looking to play the game with friends and want to know if it comes with crossplay, then this guide will answer your questions. In this guide, you will get to know does Party Animals come with Crossplay Support.

Does Part Animals come with Crossplay support?

Crossplay Support

Party Animals comes with full crossplay at launch between the Xbox and PC versions. It was confirmed in the June 2023 press release by the developers. Currently, there is no official launch date for PlayStation, which is why it isn’t known if crossplay will extend to PS4 and PS5 platforms.

This is a promising multiplayer game, which is why it is a major relief to see that the developers have included crossplay support for players, allowing the Xbox and PC players to play it together. This feature is pretty sweet for Xbox gamers, who will get the play Party Animals using Game Pass at launch if they’ve got a subscription. Currently, there is no news if the game will extend to PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, or mobile storefronts.

The real draw of multiplayer games like Party Animals is the option to play with friends. This is why the inclusion of crossplay is an amazing selling point for the players. This early commitment to crossplay is valuable if the developers end up bringing Party Animals to other platforms.

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