Download 51.1.A.3.159 April 2018 Security Update For Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact

Download 51.1.A.3.159 April 2018 Security Update For Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact: Sony has already released May 2018 security patch update for all the flagship devices. Both Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 compact has received the May 2018 patch update and Now we have the firmware file of 51.1.A.3.159 April 2018 Security Update For Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact which you can download and manually flash on your device.

There are two types of Android Software Updates 1) Major Updates like Newer Android Versions Oreo 2) Incremental Updates (Security Patch Updates). Security patch updates are very important for Android devices as they come with many fixes of security issues which keep the device safe from malware attacks.

This Update is available Via OTA (over-the-air). If your Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact is not rooted or its bootloader is locked then you Apri have already received the update as an OTA. To manually check, Go To Settings > About Phone >System Update. But if your Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact is rooted or its bootloader is locked, then you have to manually Flash / Install Android 8.0 On Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact.

Other than this, it should be noted that the latest update comes with the Apri 1st,  2018 security patch which is the latest security patch released by Google. Note that if you haven’t received the update, you will get the Apri 2018 Security Update 51.1.A.3.159 update on your Xperia devices in the coming days.

The update brings some bug fixes which were present in the previous build. Along with the minor fixes, It also brings stability and performance improvements. The update is based on Android 8.0 Oreo and comes with 1st Apri 2018 Patch. Thus, you should download and install the update to your Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact.

Download 51.1.A.3.159 April 2018 Security Update

Note: All the links have been removed by the uploader. The new updates are available you can download them from the official site or just search latest update for the device.

Downloads For Xperia XZ2 (H8216)

  • H8216_1313-6118_51.1.A.3.159-R7A_Customized_GEL.ftf
  • H8216_1313-3375_51.1.A.3.159-R6A_Customized_GR.ftf
  • H8216_1313-6116_51.1.A.3.159-R7A_Customized_KR.ftf
  • H8216_1313-4679_51.1.A.3.159-R12A_Customized_UK.ftf
  • H8216_1313-2246_51.1.A.3.159-R5A_Customized_CH.ftf
  • H8216_1313-8453_51.1.A.3.159-R8A_Customized_BLX.ftf
  • H8216_1313-2377_51.1.A.3.159-R5A_Customized_IT.ftf
  • H8216_1313-6118_51.1.A.3.159-R7A_Customized_GEL.ftf

Downloads For Xperia XZ2 (H8296)

  • H8296_1313-4040_51.1.A.3.159-R16A_Customized_CN.ftf

Downloads For Xperia XZ2 Compact (H8314)

  • H8314_1313-6142_51.1.A.3.159-R4A_Customized_GEL.ftf
  • H8314_1313-2374_51.1.A.3.159-R6A_Customized_IT.ftf
  • H8314_1313-2247_51.1.A.3.159-R5A_Customized_CH.ftf
  • H8314_1313-8438_51.1.A.3.159-R8A_Customized_BLX.ftf
  • H8314_1313-6140_51.1.A.3.159-R6A_Customized_KR.ftf
  • H8314_1313-0031_51.1.A.3.159-R16A_Customized_US.ftf
  • H8314_1313-5398_51.1.A.3.159-R12A_Customized_UK.ftf
  • H8314_1313-2385_51.1.A.3.159-R5A_Customized_a_IL.ftf

Downloads For Xperia™ XZ2 (H8266)

  • H8266_1313-4803_51.1.A.3.159-R5A_Customized_PH.ftf
  • H8266_1313-6279_51.1.A.3.159-R12A_Customized_DE.ftf
  • H8266_1313-4799_51.1.A.3.159-R5A_Customized_TH.ftf
  • H8266_1314-0158_51.1.A.3.159-R6A_Customized_MM.ftf
  • H8266_1313-4800_51.1.A.3.159-R7A_Customized_VN.ftf
  • H8266_1313-4444_51.1.A.3.159-R8A_Customized_SA.ftf
  • H8266_1313-4630_51.1.A.3.159-R4A_Customized_UA.ftf
  • H8266_1313-4500_51.1.A.3.159-R7A_Customized_US.ftf
  • H8266_1313-4442_51.1.A.3.159-R9A_Customized_MEA.ftf
  • H8266_1313-4807_51.1.A.3.159-R8A_Customized_UK.ftf
  • H8266_1314-6948_51.1.A.3.159-R5A_Customized_AU.ftf

How To Install 51.1.A.3.159 April 2018 Security Update On Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact

Download 51.1.A.3.159 April 2018 Security Update For Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact

  • First, download the right firmware file from the download section
  • Also, you need to have Sony Flash Tool → Download Link and Sony USB Drivers
  • Now follow this guide to flash the firmware update on your device. (the process is same)
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